NASCAR: Yesterday & Today

NASCAR: Yesterday & Today

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Author: Auto Editors of Consumer Guide

Number Of Pages: 144

Publisher: Publications International, Ltd.

Release Date: 17-08-2015


This book features hundreds of original photographs and comprehensive descriptions of:
  • The drivers - From early legends like Red Byron, Marshall Teague, Fonty Flock, and Tim Flock to modern dominators like Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Sr., and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • The cars - Starting with the modified prewar coupes of NASCAR’s early races to today’s high-tech automotive experiments.
  • The tracks - Spectacular then-and-now photographs of the courses that have witnessed history.
  • The events - From the days when “Daytona” meant a race literally on Daytona Beach to Jimmie Johnson’s stylish burnout in front of the Wynn Hotel on the Las Vegas strip during Champions Week 2009.
Explore the beginning of stock car racing during the Great Depression, with drivers competing on dusty dirt tracks in front of small crowds and for scant prize money. How times have changed. The sport--embodied in the juggernaut that is NASCAR--now reaches into every corner of America, claims fans of all stripes, and fills the largest sports venues in the country weekend after noisy weekend. This is the story told in NASCAR: Yesterday & Today.
Throughout the book we also learn the story of the France family--specifically Big Bill, Little Bill, and Brian--who steered NASCAR into the hearts of racing fans over the course of seven decades.
For the NASCAR enthusiast, there is no better, more readable and enjoyable history than NASCAR: Yesterday & Today.

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