PEAK High Efficiency Charge Card

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Brand: PEAK


  • ORIGINAL: The PEAK high efficiency charge card is a compact, fully automatic and highly efficient battery charger and maintainer
  • QUALITY: Water resistant, high efficiency charge card
  • COST EFFECTIVE: High efficiency allows for lower electric bills
  • DURABILITY: The perfect year-round solution for charging and maintaining 12-volt vehicle batteries
  • EFFORTLESS: Convenient compact size for ease of use and storage of your charge card

Publisher: PEAK

Details: Connect, charge and go - keep your vehicle's battery charged with this compact charge card! The PEAK 1500mA Charge Card is a fully automatic charger and maintainer that's perfect for power wheel, motorcycle or vehicle battery needs. Compact and easy to store, it comes stocked with a wide range of safety and efficiency features and is ideal maintaining your vehicle batteries during wintertime or off-use months.