Sylvania LED BR30 Reflector Lamp

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Brand: Sylvania Home Lighting


  • Great value: This value pack comes with 4 LED reflector lamps with 650 lumens of light output at only 8 watts. Replace your old halogen reflector lamps for a brighter and more energy-friendly home
  • Long-lasting: These LED reflector lamps are a great energy-saving replacement for old halogen reflector lamps because they have a total lifespan of up to 11000 hours
  • Energy-saving: These LED reflector lamps require less energy and can save you up to 85 percent on your energy bill. Each light bulb works as a great replacement for old 65 w incandescent bulbs
  • Safe for home use: These non-toxic bulbs do not contain mercury or lead. They also produce no harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation
  • Soft white: This LED reflector lamp has a Color temperature of 2700 K, which produces soft white light. This bulb is perfect for your living areas, bedrooms or kitchens

Publisher: Sylvania Home Lighting

Details: Brighten up your home and work space with the energy-saving Sylvania LED BR30 bulb in soft white. This bulb was specifically designed to replace 65 watt BR30 incandescent bulbs. This non-dimmable 8 watt LED lamp emits a bright 650 lumens of light. Why spend so much on your electricity bill when you can use a bulb that consumes far less energy in the long run, it is much more economical to use LED lights.